About us

We are a small and friendly church in Fallowfield (South Manchester) who pride ourselves on being thoughtful and open.

We hope we welcome all equally, regardless of theology or beliefs, gender or sexuality. All we ask is that you in return respect the varied beliefs and practices of the rest of us.


The congregation normally numbers around 20 (including 2-3 children) and has a good mix of people of different ages and backgrounds. We are drawn from a fairly wide geographical area around the South of Manchester and North Stockport. We also have a wider group of friends scattered around the country who join our eGatherings, share with us when in Manchester or come to our Church Weekends away.


As Baptists, the Church is governed by the members meeting which is usually monthly and makes all the important decisions. Members are simply those who have formally committed to being part of our group. We have a small group of Deacons who serve 3-year terms and deal with the day-to-day practical matters. We do not currently have a minister. Sunday worship is led by members of the congregation and friends and co-ordinated by a small Worship Group. Other small groups deal with the practicalities of lettings, buildings maintenance and so on.


We  have an open, exploratory approach to faith and belief. We avoid dogma, fundamentalism and prescription, and acknowledge that there are no easy answers to hard questions. We believe that true faith reveals itself in action.

You will find a wide spectrum of beliefs and theologies expressed by different people at different times, even from the same people on different occasions. We don’t all agree with each other on matters of faith, but seek to listen and learn from each other, appreciating the diversity of views and approaches.


We are Baptists because of the tradition of dissent and freedom in belief and because we believe that the local congregation is best equipped to make decisions about its own direction. Though we offer believers baptism, it is not a precondition of membership.

Whilst we share our Baptist identity, there are many of us from varying Christian traditions within the church. We see this diversity as a strength and enjoy the richness it brings to our community. You are assured of a warm welcome whatever tradition you come from, and especially if you are new to any kind of church experience.

Feel free to follow this link to find out more about Baptists in general – although we do dissent from the un-Baptist “leadership” phraseology that has become the vogue in recent years.