Our Worship

Here are some random excepts of the material we have been using in our gatherings. Mainly things we have created ourselves, but with some links to other material we have used (copyright permitting) which we think may be of interest or use to a wider audience. Please do let us know if you find anything useful or interesting. 

Our worship is led by various members of the congregation and friends. Our starting place is usually the set Bible readings for the day and those leading reflect on these passages alongside what is going on in the life of the Church and the world and their own experiences. Thus what we share is very context dependent and not always consistent from person to person or from time to time. We are a diverse community and we celebrate the variety of views and perspectives amongst us.

  • Rage and Hope: A book review

    Rage and Hope: 75 years of Christian Aid Christian Aid as a charity has now been in existence for 75 years; a double-edged anniversary, being a testament both to much good work done and to the ocean of continuing need which seems to be swelling rather than subsiding.  To mark the anniversary they have brought…

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  • Lent Series 2021

    We are planning to have an online Lent Series on Thursday evenings during Lent, ending with a service on Maundy Thursday.  What is planned is: To meet via Zoom at 7.30pm each Thursday, starting on 18th February To meet for approx. 30-40 minutes each time (this will allow those who do not have “work” Zoom…

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  • Christmas Sketch 2020: Angel Voices

    [As performed by four of our young people – in these pandemic times in different homes in different parts of the country. Gloria, Pax and Excelsis are three angels] Scene 1 – A Birthday Commission E – GLORIA: OK, so we’ve been asked by Trinity One to plan the celebration for the birth of Trinity…

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  • The Sheep and the Goats

    Union Chapel eGathering 22nd November 2020, 10am The Sheep and the Goats Welcome  Music  Prayer We centre ourselves for a few moments. Placing our worries and problems in a bigger and longer perspective. We remember that our sadnesses and troubles are not only ours, but are shared with many, and that many have gone this…

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  • The Ineffable

    Welcome We shall see the glory of the lord… but only for a moment. Only a glimpse. This is a service about the future… about how we imagine the future… It is about those moments of possibility which we glimpse, and what we do about them.   The deepest thoughts of the heart are revealed…

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  • At the Manchester Areopagus

    Ellie then stood up in Albert Square, in front of the grand Gothic Town Hall, and her voice boomed out loud and clear: People of Manchester! (pause) God made the world, not you! Narrator: And there were two people in the crowd that day. Well actually there were hundreds, all very spaced out of course,…

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All our own material is free to reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ You may reuse any material for non-commercial purposes providing that you properly acknowledge the source.

We believe that the work of authors, artists and musicians should be acknowledged and fairly rewarded.  We have tried to ensure that all the material crerated by others is properly attributed and we only include things we beleive are either in the public domain, legitimate quotes or things or that we have premission to use. If we have failed in this then do let us know and we will correct as soon as we can.