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Our Buildings

As a church we are very fortunate to have some great buildings at our disposal. These are heavily utilised by community groups and clubs in the area, and we are always keen to work with any prospective new building users.

Specific spaces available:

  • Chapel – large open plan, seats up to 80, moveable chairs/screens/tables.
  • Smaller Hall – seats up to 30, served from kitchen.
  • Several smaller Recreation Rooms – seats 10-18 people
  • Large Hall – in adjacent building, with side rooms and a stage.

All have access to kitchens, toilet facilities, and car parking. There are also plenty of chairs and tables available, and we will try and respond to any particular requirements. Please note, we do not accommodate parties

We are a community resource and rely on the goodwill and effort of those who use the building. Here are the notes we give to anyone using the building, they help to give a picture of the way we operate.                        DOWNLOAD:      Notes for Users booklet Sept 18


Please see below all the current bookings for the rooms at Union Chapel. They are colour coded as follows:

Green – Chapel

Purple – Small Hall

Blue = Large Hall

Click on the Day/Date at the top to select the particular day you are interested in, and then you can click on any of the events for further details. If you only wish to see bookings for a particular room, select them using the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner.

NOTE: Some bookings may have not been entered online yet, so please contact us for up-to-date information.

For further details on booking these facilities, please contact someone in the church on 0161 225 4226 or (preferred) email at:   unionchapelbaptist@gmail.com