Sunday Programme

  What’s Happening on Sundays – What, Where, Who, When? 



As we move towards the post-Covid world we are gradually evolving our patterns of Sunday gatherings towards something appropriate and sustainable for the numbers we have. Bearing in mind the various Church Meeting discussions and decisions, your Worship Group has met and planned the programme up to Christmas at least along the following lines:

The first Sunday of each month will continue as a Zoom-only eGathering as we have developed it over the past couple of years. This is intended as the main focus for our scattered community. Please contact us f you want an invite.

The second and fourth Sundays will be in-chapel gatherings with led services and reflections taking the slightly different forms we are familiar with as the leaders are inspired. The fourth Sunday will include communion in one form or another. We are hoping to be able to provide a simple Zoom link so those not able to attend can view the service, but without the complexity and interaction we experimented with since returning to the chapel.

The third Sunday is our congregation-focussed gathering (not the week to encourage visitors!). We will start with a short act reflective act of worship and move seamlessly into our Church Meeting. We hope that there will be plenty of months when we do not need to discuss formal business and can have discussion together about wider issues we have a common interest in – not just those directly related to the work of the church. This will be followed by a congregational lunch. If there are members who can’t attend but would like to be part of the meetings then we would hope to be able to arrange a Zoom link.

When there is a fifth Sunday we will not have a conventional service, but other forms of meeting together may be arranged.