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What can we do?

Christain Aid will be doing what it can – and  as supporters we will be sending our donation

Grrenpeace have offered us the following:

Last Thursday, people across Ukraine woke up to the devastating sounds of Russian missiles putting them and their loved ones in danger. [1]

At Greenpeace we condemn the unprovoked and illegal war being conducted by the Russian government in Ukraine, and call on President Putin to immediately pull back his forces and cease military operations. Our thoughts are with the people caught up in the crossfire or driven from their homes.

As our screens are flooded with images of war, and in a week when the IPCC Climate Report has given an even graver verdict on the climate crisis it’s hard not to want to bury our heads in the sand. [2] But this is precisely the moment when we must come together and join as one united voice against injustice and for peace. 

Here are some of the ways you can help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people right now:

1. Support organisations working on the frontline

Organisations working on the ground are best placed to help people affected by war, and these organisations are and will be in need of support as the crisis continues. The International Medical Corps is on the ground in Ukraine providing emergency medical relief services – you can support them here. Nova Ukraine is delivering aid packages to people with everything from baby food and hygiene products, to clothes and household supplies – you can support them here. The Committee to Protect Journalists is calling for support for journalists – accurate information is never more important than in a crisis – you can support them here.

2. Support refugees and people seeking asylum

War has and continues to destroy the lives of people across the world. Wars in the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia have forced millions to flee their homes and seek refuge like we are now seeing in Ukraine. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] We must open our arms to all people seeking refuge from war and oppression across the world. [8] [9] While the government must continue to do more to support refugees from Ukraine and other war torn countries, we can also help. There are many organisations here in the UK who continue to support refugees and asylum seekers, if you’re able to you can volunteer for Refugee Action here and the Refugee Council here, help house refugees with Room for Refugees here and Refugees at Home here. If you’re unable to help in this way you can make your voice heard against the war in Ukraine by joining a Stand with Ukraine protest.

3. Come together for peace and solidarity

In times like these we must stay together and close to people around us. But above all, we must remain hopeful that the solidarity between people across the world who are striving for peace will triumph over the destructive forces of war as it has done many times before. If you are looking for something to reignite feelings of hope online or in group chats, share the links above with your friends and family and let them know that we are not powerless in the face of this conflict and can still support the forces of good. You can also share this image and spread our message of peace

The climate crisis and where our energy comes from has been a major talking point of the war in Ukraine and our government has started an urgent review of our reliance on Russian gas and energy. This is yet another sign that our over-reliance on fossil fuels is leading us to ruin. We must rapidly transition to clean, sustainable renewable energy so fossil fuels are no longer used as chess-pieces in war. [10]

At Greenpeace we will continue to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all those across the world who are facing oppression in the face of destructive wars that they want no part in. We will continue to promote peace and dialogue and our opposition to war in all its forms. People and the planet must come first as we build a peaceful, safer and more sustainable future.

In solidarity,

Pat Venditti on behalf of Greenpeace UK

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