Meeting Us


Everyone is invited to share with us, whatever their background or beliefs. We are a group of Christians who have an open and questioning approach to faith. We enjoy spending time together doing a variety of things, and hope you might like to come along so we can get to know you better.

Here are some notes on what to expect the first time you join us on a Sunday morning…..

Stepping through the doors of a new chapel can be a nerve-racking experience even for those who are used to attending services, let alone if you are unfamiliar with church.

We recognise this and want to give you an assurance of a warm welcome. We do not expect anything of you. You are welcome to just come and have a look at what goes on. People will try and ensure you feel at home and that you always have someone to talk to, but there will be absolutely no pressure to ‘sign up’ for anything!

Come dressed in whatever you wish, we are generally quite informal in both attitude and appearance. We value our time together and always share in refreshments; the chance to chat and develop relationships is very important to us. There will be no pressure to stay for any longer than you wish.

If you arrive between 10:20 and 10:30 you should find us ready to welcome you and not miss any explanations as to what is going on at the beginning of our Gathering. Come in, find a seat. Probably someone will say a quiet hello. Do ask someone near you if you are unsure about anything.

There are many of us from varying Christian traditions within the church. We see this diversity as a strength and enjoy the richness it brings to our community. You are assured of a warm welcome whatever tradition you come from, and especially if you are new to any kind of church experience.

If you want to meet us in one of our on-line Zoom eGatherings then do contact us and we will send you an invite.